Let’s talk about the overseas users using a VPN to get a china ip address to access to Chinese websites. Generally speaking, there are local copyrighted works or software [videos, music, games, etc.] that are exclusive to each country and region, and mainland China is no exception.
If you are in China and you want to find a VPN which can help you to unlock Google,Facebook, check Best VPN for China Guide.

Part I:Several Cases require a China VPN Server Access China Website

If you’ve ever encountered any of the following situations, there’s a good chance that a VPN provider with a mainland China server can help you.

1. Watch Video by China Video Website

Probably you are trouble with how to watch youku,iqiyi and its like outside of china.
Popular video programs in China include Youku, iqiyi, Tencent Video, Bilibili , LeTV Video, CCTV5, PPTV, Tencent Sports, etc. If you visit these sites overseas or in non-China areas, you will most likely receive a “Sorry, due to copyright restrictions, this video cannot be played in your area” message.
At this point you need a VPN with a Chinese IP server to get a Chinese IP address to gain access to this site.
最好的海外党翻墙回中国大陆VPN (1)

2. Listen to music with Chinese music software

If you like to listen to Chinese songs, you are likely to be interested in NetEase Cloud Music, Tencent QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music, Baidu Music, Shrimp Music, then you will definitely encounter the following troubles when you are overseas.
Similarly, if you can use a VPN to disguise the IP as a mainland Chinese IP, you won’t have this restricted problem.
最好的海外党翻墙回中国大陆VPN (2)

3. Play Chinese Games

China has the largest unified market in the world and has also produced some excellent games, such as Honor of Kings [developed by Tencent], if you play domestic games overseas, due to physical distance and network congestion, it is likely to experience network latency problems.
Theoretically, with an accelerated Chinese VPN server, you can get faster loading speeds and lower network latency.
最好的海外党翻墙回中国大陆VPN (3)

4.Visit other entertainment content in mainland China

Other websites/software with regional copyright protection such as Nonolive, Nimo TV, YY Live, Himalaya, etc.
If you run into several of these problems, the following hand-picked China Mainland VPN(with Free Testing Policy) can basically solve your problems and help you access Chinese websites freely.

Part II: The Best Mainland China Server VPN

1. PUREVPN [Editor’s Choice]


PureVPN’s parent company, GZ Systems Limited [founder Uzair Gadit], was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong, China. To date, PureVPN has more than 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries, six of which are in China, located in Beijing and Shanghai, with more than 300,000 available IPs worldwide.

Price: as low as 2.66 USD / month
Mainland server locations: Beijing, Shanghai
Supported protocols: OpenVPN / IKEV2 /IPSEC/LZTP/PPTP
Support terminal: Windows,macos,Linux,Android,IOS,etc
Payment method: Alipay / Paypal / Credit Card
Flow: Unlimited flow
Simultaneous online terminals: 5


  • 31 Days FREE Trial[Money Back Guarantee]
  • You can get NOT ONLY CHINESE IPs, but also IPs from over 140 countries around the world.
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2. IVACYVPN【Best Value】


IVACY VPN was founded in Singapore in 2007 and as of today, IVACY VPN has more than 450 servers in over 100 countries and territories. Servers are concentrated in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Similarly, IVACY VPN has its servers in mainland China, which can effectively solve the problem of Accessing Chinese Websites.

Price: as low as 1.16 USD / month
Mainland China Server Location: Shanghai
Supported protocols: OpenVPN / IKEV2 /IPSEC/LZTP/PPTP
Support terminal: Windows,macos,Linux,Android,IOS, FireTV,Chrome OS, router, etc
Payment method: Alipay / Paypal / Credit Card / Bitcoin
Flow: Unlimited flow


The prices are very affordable.

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3. MALUS [Operations in Mainland China]


MALUS parent company is a product of the Shanghai Cat Search Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2019, with registered capital of 10 million. The main business is to help overseas users to unlock websites in mainland China.

Price: as low as 3.99 USD / month
Support terminal: Chrome extensions/ Windows,macos,Linux,Android,IOS,Android TV,etc
Payment method: Alipay / WeChat / Paypal / Credit Card
Flow: Unlimited flow
Simultaneous online terminals: 3


Advantages: Chinese companies operate in mainland China and have a better understanding of the Chinese market.
Cons: Mainland China IP only.

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In Conclusion:

In this article we analyze why you should use a VPN to get a Chinese IP address.Investigated and give 3 VPN solutions with Chinese servers and the best one, PUREVPN.

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