Whether you are an overseas Chinese looking for a domestic program or a Visitor from another country looking to learn Chinese or learn about Chinese customs, this article is just for you. Here’s a list of 12 websites that watch Chinese videos or movies online for free and I will Guide you how to solve the problem of copyright restrictions when watching Chinese programs overseas as well.

First: Top 12 Chinese video sites

1. 优酷 Youku



The largest audio-visual platform in mainland China, owned by Unity Network Technology, later renamed as Unity Group, was acquired by Alibaba in 2015.

Description of Resources:
Series, movie, variety, music, children’s information, documentary, public welfare sports, automobile technology, finance, entertainment culture, anime, funny comedy / Drama, travel, fashion, parent-child education, games and other comprehensive video

A comprehensive video site with episodes of almost every genre.

2. 爱奇艺 Iqiyi



Formerly known as QiYi, it changed its name to Ai QiYi in 2011, one of the top five video and audio websites in mainland China, and merged with PPS Video in 2013.

Description of Resources:
Video website for series, movie, variety, music, children’s information, documentary, public welfare sports, automobile technology, finance, entertainment culture, anime, funny comedy, travel, fashion, parent-child education, games and other comprehensive video

It is worth mentioning that Akiyo has many excellent self-produced shows such as China Hip-Hop [later changed to China New Rap], Trendy Partners, Oddball Rap, etc.

3. 腾讯视频 Tencent Videos



Tencent Video is an online video media platform launched by Tencent, a subsidiary of Tencent and one of the top five video sites in mainland China.

Description of Resources:
Video sites for episodes, movies, variety, music, children’s information, documentaries, public welfare sports, automotive technology, finance, entertainment culture, anime, funny, travel, fashion, parent-child education, games, etc.

Compared to the development routes of Youku and AiziYi, Tencent Video has purchased the rights to a large number of excellent anime programs, such as Douluo Mainland, Wu Gengji, King of the Tomb Kings, Qin Shi Ming Yue, etc.

4. 哔哩哔哩 Bilibili


bilibili is fully known as beili bilibilisplatter.com, also known as beili bilibili, bilibilisplatter.com, more commonly known as B station.

Description of Resources:
Bilibili’s main channels are divided into drama, Guozhuang, screening hall, documentary, comic, column, live, audio, animation, music, dance, game, technology, digital, life, ghost, fashion, advertising, entertainment, film, movie, TV series, small video, photo album, in addition to membership purchase, topic center, whole region leaderboard, original leaderboard, activity center, small black room, game center (especially the game publishing platform which is logged on by Bilibili agent), game tournament area.

Bilibili is a youthful anime game AGC platform that has households dominated by young people under the age of 24, and is also moving towards a diversified market.



Official website: https://www.acfun.cn/

ACFUN for short, A site, also AcFun curtain video network, the actual operation of the main body of Beijing curtain network technology Co.



Official website: https://www.ixigua.com/

Watermelon Video, a PUGC video platform under Byte Jump, provides video content services to users through personalized recommendations.In February 2018, the cumulative number of users of Watermelon Video exceeded 300 million, with an average daily usage time of more than 70 minutes and an average daily play volume of more than 4 billion.

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7. 芒果TV


Official Website: https://www.mgtv.com/
Mango TV is a comprehensive new media audio-visual communication service platform with audio-visual interaction as its core, integrating the characteristics of the Internet and TV, and realizing “multi-screen” broadcasting, cross-screen and homemade.

A video website owned by Hunan Satellite Television.

8. 搜狐视频 Souhu Videos


Official Website: https://tv.sohu.com/

Sohu Video was founded in late 2004, formerly Sohu Broadband. In 2006, Sohu Podcast was established as the first video sharing platform of the portal, and in February 2009, Sohu’s “HD TV Drama” channel went online, exclusively premiering more than a thousand TV dramas.

Established very early video site.

9. 土豆网 Tudou


Official Website: https://www.tudou.com/

Officially launched on April 15, 2005, it was one of the first video sites in the world to go live. which was later acquired by Alibaba in a merger with Youku.

Mainly funny short videos. Both Tudou and Youku are part of Alibaba.

10. Le Video


Official Website: http://www.le.com/

LTV Video belongs to the video industry of LTV.com, which is the earliest video company listed on China’s A-share market.

11. PPTV


Official Website: https://www.pptv.com/

PPTV, also known as PP Video, PPlive, is a subsidiary of Shanghai Joly Media Technology Co.

12. PPS Video


Website: http://www.pps.tv/

PPS (also known as PPStream) is the world’s first P2P live on-demand Internet TV software that can watch movies, TV series, live sports, games, cartoons, variety shows, news, financial information, etc. online.

Second: On the geographical protection of video programmes [copyright restrictions]

If you’ve ever tried to watch a Chinese video program from overseas, such as Youku, you’ve definitely encountered a situation where this video is only available in mainland China due to copyright issues.

Why can’t I watch Youku, Aqiyi, Tencent Video and other programs overseas?

Each program [a song, or a movie, TV series, etc.] has its own licensing pricing for different markets and devices, and program distributors (video sites such as Youku, music software such as QQ Music) will purchase the rights to specific regions [usually mainland China] based on their own operating regions or resource advantages.

Take video shows as an example.
For example, each media or channel will be licensed and charged separately, and if it is an online media, there are certain restrictions on the area of licensing.

For Example:
The exclusive network rights of Zhen Huan Tuan [Mainland China] were sold to LeTV [and later to Youku] for RMB 20 million.
The rights of Zhen Huan Duan Weiwei were sold to Dongfang Weiwei, Anhui Weiwei and eight terrestrial channels for a total of about RMB 180 million.
The rights of the overseas version of the Legend of Zhen Huan have been sold to Nafei NETFLIX [Global Program], China TV Main Channel [Taiwan], Astro HD [Malaysia], Cable Entertainment [Hong Kong], BS Fuji [Japan], etc.
If Youku wants to make the Legend of Zhen Huan Tuan available to users all over the world, it means that Youku needs to purchase the rights of Zhen Huan Tuan worldwide. Considering that Youku does not have enough distribution capacity worldwide [mainly in mainland China], purchasing the rights of a single region [mainland China] is the best choice. That’s why you often see copyright restrictions overseas or elsewhere.

Third: What Chinese programmes are geographically protected in mainland China?

In general, whenever a show is copyrighted, there is geographical protection. The programmes with geographical protection in mainland China are as below:

1. Video content [Youku, Aqiyi, Tencent Video, Tudou Video, Biilibili, LeTV, CCTV5, PPTV, Tencent Sports] 2. Audio Content [NetEase Cloud Music, Tencent QQ Music, Cool Me Music, Cool Dog Music, Baidu Music, Shrimp Music, Himalaya] 3. Other Entertainment Content [fish, live tiger tooth, YY voice, etc.]

Fourth: How to break the copyright restriction to view Chinese content in any place?

The principle of geographic protection is very simple, it’s to turn your access Ip into a Chinese IP. You just need to find a suitable VPN provider, connect, you can get a Chinese IP address and you can act like you really have a Chinese computer.

Check: Best VPN into China – Get a China IP address 

1. PUREVPN [Editor’s Choice]


PureVPN’s parent company, GZ Systems Limited [founder Uzair Gadit], was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong, China. To date, PureVPN has more than 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries, six of which are in China, located in Beijing and Shanghai, with more than 300,000 available IPs worldwide.

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IVACY VPN was founded in Singapore in 2007 and as of today, IVACY VPN has more than 450 servers in over 100 countries and territories. Servers are concentrated in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Similarly, IVACY VPN has its servers in mainland China, which can effectively solve the problem of Accessing Chinese Websites.

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The prices are very affordable.

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3. MALUS [Operations in Mainland China]



MALUS parent company is a product of the Shanghai Cat Search Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2019, with registered capital of 10 million. The main business is to help overseas users to unlock websites in mainland China.

Price: as low as 3.99 USD / month
Support terminal: Chrome extensions/ Windows,macos,Linux,Android,IOS,Android TV,etc
Payment method: Alipay / WeChat / Paypal / Credit Card
Flow: Unlimited flow
Simultaneous online terminals: 3


Advantages: Chinese companies operate in mainland China and have a better understanding of the Chinese market.
Cons: Mainland China IP only.

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In conclusion.
In this article, we share 12 video sites that watch movies for free in mainland China, why there are copyright restrictions on video sites that watch overseas in mainland China, how to use VPN to break the copyright restrictions and a few VPN providers that have servers in mainland China. In the end, 3 VPN solutions with Chinese servers were investigated and the best one was PUREVPN.

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